We provide the names of rescues only to help lost dogs get back home.  We cannot vouch for any rescue. We provide this list so that owners can contact rescues to alert them that their dog is missing in case the rescue takes in their dog or perhaps already has the missing dog.  Owners should check dogs up for adoption from rescues as part of their search.  Finders may want to contact a rescue to hold a pet and help with the search for the owner. Not all rescues take in "strays" and not all rescues will follow all necessary steps to find an owner so finders should be careful when considering this.  Our preference is that finders take a dog to the local shelter if they cannot hold and search for the owner because that is where the owner is most likely looking. 


Phoenix Area

Note: For the Phoenix area, we recommend contacting members of Phoenix Animal Care Coalition (PACC911) preferentially.  PACC911 members are 501(c)(3) nonprofits and are required to sign a code of ethics and meet certain requirements in order to be members.  http://pacc911.org/coalition-partner-list

All Breed Rescues

Breed Specific Rescues

​​​​Lost Dogs Arizona

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All Breed Seniors and Special Needs

Tucson Area 

Helping Arizona's Lost Dogs Get Home

2nd Chance Dog Rescue (Queen Creek)
2DaRescue (Mesa)
All About Animals (Phoenix) 

Animals Benefit Club (ABC)​
Animal Guardian Network (Cave Creek) 
Animal Rescue Friends (Phoenix)
Arizona Animal Rescue and Sanctuary - AZARS (Mesa)  
Arizona Animal Welfare League - AAWL (Phoenix) 
Arizona Small Dog Rescue (Peoria) 

AZ Center for Animal Rescue and Education​
AZ Furry Friends - AzFFR (Phoenix) 
AZ Happy Tails (Chandler)  
AZ Paws and Claws (Glendale) 
AZ Pound Pup (Phoenix) 
Central Arizona Animal Rescue - CAAR (Globe) 

Dog Love Rescue
Faith's Animal Rescue (Peoria)

Finding Fido (Phoenix) 
Foothills Animal Rescue - FAR (Scottsdale) 
Four Peaks (Scottsdale)

Freedom Tails 
Friends For Life (Gilbert)
Furry Angels Rescue and Safe Haven (Surprise)
Halfway Home Animal Rescue
HALO Rescue (Phoenix) 
Haven Animal Rescue (Glendale)

Heaven On My Earth (HOME) (Buckeye)
Helping Orphaned Hounds - HOH (Maricopa) 
Home Fur Good (Phoenix) 
Lazy O Livestock Rescue (Paulden)
Lucky Dog (Scottsdale)  
Lucky Paws (Scottsdale)
Lost Our Home (Scottsdale)

On Angel's Wings Pet Rescue (Gilbert)
Paw Placement (Scottsdale/Flagstaff)
Pound Animals Worth Saving - P.A.W.S. Fur the Cause (Phoenix)
Raven Pines Dog Rescue (Cordes Lakes) 
R.E.S.C.U.E. (Phoenix)

Rockstar Rescue (Phoenix) 
Ruby Ranch Pet Rescue and Sanctuary (Phoenix)
S.A.F.E. Inc (Apache Junction) 
Soul Survivors Animal Rescue (Cave Creek)
The Barkside Rescue
The Lost Paws (Phoenix) 
Under Dog Rescue of Arizona (Phoenix) 
Valley Dogs (Phoenix)
Valley of the Sun Dog Rescue (Mesa) 

Waggin' Our Way (W.O.W. Dog Rescue) 
Where Wolves Rescue (Surprise) - specializing in Wolf Hybrids
Woofs, Wiggles n Wags 

Airedale Terriers
Southwest Airedale Terrier (Phoenix/Tucson) 

Akita Advocates Relocation Team Arizona - AARTA (Glendale) 

Australian Shepherd: 
Amazing Aussies Lethal White Rescue (Phoenix) 
Aussie and Friends (Payson) 

Basset Hounds: 
Arizona Basset Hound Rescue - AZBHR (Phoenix) 

Arizona Beagle Rescue - AZBR (Phoenix) 
Southern Arizona Beagle Rescue - SoAZBR (Tucson) 

Belgian Malinois: 
ABMC Belgian Malinois Rescue Contacts (Phoenix/Tucson) 

Arizona Basset Hound Rescue - AZBHR (Phoenix) 

Border Collie: 
Arizona Border Collie Rescue - ABCR (Tempe) 

Boston Terrier: 
Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue - AZBTR (Mesa) 

Boxer Luv Rescue - BLR (Phoenix) 
Almost Home AZ Rescue - Boxer Division (Phoenix)

Bull Terrier:
Saguaro State Bull Terrier Club (state wide rescue)

Cairn Terrier: 
SouthWest Cairn Rescue (California-but lists AZ as rescue area also) 

Cattle Dog/Herding Dog/Heelers:
New Hope Cattle Dogs (Phoenix) 
Fedwell Farm (Scottsdale) 
Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue (Scottsdale) 

AZ Chihuahua Rescue (Mesa) 
Save A Chihuahua Rescue of Tucson (Tucson) 

Cocker Spaniel: 
AZ Cocker Rescue (Scottsdale) 

SouthWest Collie Rescue - SWCR (Phoenix, Tucson) 

AZ Cactus Corgi Rescue (Glendale) 

Happy Tails Dachshund Rescue (Mesa/Tucson) 
Dachshunds Only (Phoenix) 
Sahuaro Dachshund Rescue (Tucson) 

Lucky Dog (Scottsdale) 

Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue (Phoenix) 

English Springer Spaniel:
English Springer Rescue America 

English Bulldogs: 
Love-A-Bull (Gilbert)
Almost Home AZ Rescue - Bulldog Division (Phoenix)

French Bulldogs:
Almost Home AZ Rescue - Bulldog Division (Phoenix) 

German Shepherds:
Saving Paws (Glendale)
SouthWest German Shepherd Rescue (Phoenix)

German Shorthaired Pointers:
AZ GSP Rescue 

Golden Retriever: 
Arizona Golden Rescue (Glendale) 
Rescue A Golden of AZ - RAGofAZ (Phoenix/Tucson) 
Arizona Golden Retriever Connection (Phoenix) 
Southern Arizona Golden Retriever Rescue - SAGRR (Oro Valley) 

Great Dane: 
Great Dane Rescue of Arizona Alliance (Phoenix) 
Great Dane Club of Tucson (Tucson) 
Great Dane Rescue Inc. ( 4 different contacts) 

Great Pyrenees: 
Arizona Great Pyrenees Association and Rescue Network (Gilbert) 

Arizona Greyhound Rescue (Tucson) 

​Italian Greyhounds:
Italian Greyhound Club - Rescue Arizona (Phoenix) 

Jack Russell Terrier: 
Arizona Jack Russell Foundation 

Labrador Retriever: 
Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue - DLRR (Phoenix/Tucson) 
Arizona Labrador and Giant Breed Rescue (Phoenix) 

Lhasa Apso: 
Lone Star Shih Tzu and Lhasa Rescue (Arizona Chapter)  

Canine Rescue Coalition(Glendale) 

Miniature Pinscher: 
MinPin Rescue Contacts (IMPS) 
MinPin Haven (Phoenix) 

Pitbull/Bully Breeds: 
Mayday Pitbull Rescue (Phoenix) 
Ruff Road Rescue (Phoenix) 
Smiling Dog Rescue (Tucson) 

Potato Chip Pomeranian Rescue potatochipspomeranianrescue@gmail.com (Phoenix) 

Arizona Poodle Rescue (Phoenix) 

Arizona Pug Adoption and Rescue Network - APARN (Phoenix Area) 
Hug A Pug (Tucson) 

Rotten Rottie Rescue 

Saint Bernard:
Arizona Saint Bernard Rescue (Glendale)

Arizona Schnauzer Rescue, Inc. (Chandler) 
Valley of the Sun Giant Schnauzer Rescue (Mesa) 

Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie):
Mid-Arizona Sheltie Rescue  (Phoenix)
Arizona Sheltie Rescue, Inc. (statewide services) 

Lone Star Shih Tzu and Lhasa Rescue (Arizona Chapter) 

Siberian Husky:
Arizona Siberian Husky Rescue and Adoption, Inc. - ASHRA (Phoenix)

Arizona Weimaraner Rescue (Glendale)