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I'm very pleased with the help this site provided. The same day I posted my dogs' pictures I found them, I encourage anyone to use it in case you lose your pet.

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Rockii's Owner

After searching for him for a few hours, we felt helpless.  At midnight, I was able to post with Lost Dogs Arizona and felt like I was still doing something to help find him.  Thank you for this valuable resource! 


What We Do


About Lost Dogs Arizona


We love dogs. There is no doubt about that. We especially have a soft spot in our hearts for lost dogs. That's why we do what we do.

Lost Dogs Arizona is an all-volunteer nonprofit (501(c)3) organization dedicated to helping lost dogs get home to their families. We network lost and found dogs in the state of Arizona and we provide expertise and resources to help owners find their lost family members. Our goal is reduce euthanasia rates at Arizona shelters by reuniting families.

We are networked with several similar state organizations under the Lost Dogs of America umbrella.

We are partnered with PetFBI previously Helping Lost Pets. PetFBI/Help is the only map-based website that facilitates reporting of lost and found pets from the public, shelters, rescues, veterinarians and other pet-related businesses. 

All of our services are provided free of charge.

When you submit the lost/found form through PetFBI/Help, several things happen. Your dog's photo and information is posted on the map-based website. Free flyers are available for download, in several formats, and, an alert is emailed to everyone who has signed up to receive them. Networking of your lost or found dog has begun.

The volunteers at Lost Dogs Arizona also receive an alert and we go to work to network your dog even further. We post the photo and description to our Facebook page. We will send you an email with a link to your post as well as links to our Action Plans and other resources.

Then, the magic happens. Our followers are amazing. The community actively works to try to help you find your dog or the owner of the dog you found. While you are following our Action Plan, your dog is being networked across Arizona.  

These people are awesome. If I had not found them I don't think we would have found her.

Keep doing what you are doing! I'm so grateful for you all! So are my 3 children 7,5,4. Dudley has been a member of our family for 4 years. So happy he still is.